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ow to Wash a Down Vest

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how to wash a down vest

a down vest can keep you warm without overheating, often adding just the right amount of warmth during outside activities. because your vest has down filling inside,herve leger sale uk, maintain it carefully to ensure the down stays lofty and light. wash your down vest properly,cheap herve leger,herve leger dresses, following manufacturer instructions,herve leger jackets so that your vest stays attractive and warm for years.

zip zippers and close any velcro closures on the vest.

set the washing machine to a delicate cycle with cool water. add the gentle or pure laundry detergent (without harsh chemicals and artificial scents) and place the down vest into the washing machine. wash the vest alone.

monitor the washing machine and stop it after the final rinse,banded dress herve leger, before the machine begins the final spin. some manufacturers suggest additional rinse cycles to ensure that all the soap rinses out of the down. reset the washing machine to repeat the final rinse -- do this up to five times for a thorough rinsing -- and then allow the machine to complete the final spin.

turn the vest inside out while still zipped and place it into the dryer. add two or three tennis balls to the dryer and set the dryer to a low heat. the tennis balls will fluff and move the down as it dries,herve leger usa,herve leger for cheap, ensuring the down does not stick together inside the vest.

start the dryer and monitor the drying process. stop the dryer and remove the vest every 30 minutes. shake out the vest to make sure the down inside stays separate for drying. return the vest to the dryer and continue drying it in 30-minute increments,herve leger nyc, shaking the vest each time to redistribute the down. continue drying the vest until the down is completely dry. you will know the down is dry because it distributes evenly throughout the vest.

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