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nterpretation of Liu Ru

,wholesale herve leger interpretation of Liu Rushi

director Wu Qi Liu Rushi reason why the wrong era, because the world of their hearts is not a small woman, her heart contains home and country world,buy herve leger, and ultimately have a reviews, and her women full of temperament characteristics different from other Qinhuai courtesan. As a woman, born at the wrong times,herve leger skirts, but just gave birth on the era of

Wan Qian also very excited about this show,bandage dress, frankly Liu Rushi extraordinary woman, the ability to play her is a challenge. But she also said that Liu Rushi reason why the legend,herve leger sale dress, though she live in a sexist Ming Dynasty,bandage dress herve leger, but is still Ganaiganhen,herve leger, unlike at the time she was female, quite the elegance of modern urban women,herve leger dress, the most typical is the She gave the name of Liu Rushi, the woman named, which is quite rare in the prevailing social. Moreover,herve leger on sale, this talented woman is often disguised as a man with a lot of wit stonewalls, which was also a lot of women can not do things. Wan Qian,herve leger uk, admits Liu Rushi most attractive to her place, is the courage to uphold their own ideas, look for one thing will adhere to in the end, this is also a typical feature of the modern woman. Her age and Qian Qianyi a lot of difference is a typical learn the rich five cars.

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